Mobile Applications Development

Our mobile development services include mobile applications for Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. The applications are developed with the latest technologies and development techniques offering a flexible and modern application that can easily be extended.

BeeByte Software Solutions offers multiple development options when it comes to mobile. Customers can chose to target Windows 10 devices, Android, iOS or all three of them with the latest .NET technologies. Customers targeting all three platforms benefit from shared business logic between each platform decreasing development time and costs, allowing to build large and feature rich mobile applications with us.

Technologies used


  • Xamarin.Forms

Software development kits:

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • UWP
  • Xamarin


  • SQLite

Benefits of mobie application development with us

Multiple platforms

Our mobile applications are developed with the latest .NET technologies enabling us to support Windows 10, iOS and Android devices.


Our team has extensive development experience enabling them to develop quality applications.

Fast & effective development

We offer to our clients the possibility to chose the most relevant platform for their business allowing them to ship their product faster in a specific area.


We keep a close eye on the latest technologies and their communities enabling us to evolve and innovate whit each applications we build.

You have an old mobile application that is inflexible and you want to target more platforms, contact us, maybe we can help!

The team will work hard so that you can enjoy high quality software products!