Desktop Application Development

Our desktop development services include applications for Windows, iMac and Linux. The applications are developed with the latest technologies and development techniques offering a flexible and modern application that can easily be extended.

BeeByte Software Solutions offers a wide range of platform coverage with the desktop applications offering customers flexibility when it comes to application development for an already defined infrastructure. Customers can chose a platform that is widely spread in their company and we can develop for that platform avoiding extra infrastructure costs.

Technologies used


  • WPF
  • Avalonia


  • .NET
  • .NET Core


  • SQL Server
  • SQLite


  • NUnit
  • Moq

Benefits of desktop application development with us

High Quality

Each feature we develop follows a strict set of procedures that are meant to assure high quality code output from developers.


We cover all major flows with unit tests on top of the standard testing and per client’s request can provide continues integration environment support.


For each application we develop, we provide initial deployment support and encourage customers to extend our collaboration with maintenance plans.


Communication is key in all projects. In order to assure good communication we stay available on all major communication channels and encourage the use of management software like JIRA, Trello and Microsoft Team Services.


All our software releases follow a release plan that is meant to guarantee expected behavior offering the customer the chance to intervene before final releases.

We are not only coding but also provide software consultancy assuring to our customers the best and practical desktop software solution for their business.

You have an old software that is inflexible or has a dusty user interface, contact us, maybe we can help!